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Wales - again


Who ever heard of a place called Mumbles! The only reason we stayed there was because of its name, but it was gorgeous. The coast line was lovely and we had a sweet little room overlooking the bay. Breakfast was served whilst we listened to a Welsh Choir - voices of the valley - lovely.



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Roslare to Fishguard

Stena Express

Travelled on our first Incat vessel - one of the older examples, and beginning to look a little shabby. It was a perfectly smooth trip once again, despite all sorts of warnings. The locals call it "The Vomit Comet", and Graham Perkins told me to take a bucket. All nonsence.

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We did a fair bit of driving around south west Cork, and also went to the exhibition at Cobh (formerly Queenstown) which is where most of the emigrants left from. Also was the last port of call for the Titanic.

It was also the port that the survivors of the Lusitania landed after it was sunk off the coast by a U boat.

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The Cliffs of Moher

On our way from Galway to Cork, we diverted over to the Cliffs of Moher. Amazingly high cliffs down to the sea, with a long walkway around the top of the cliffs. Lots of people there (a sunny day). We had to stop looking at the people who were walking outside the fences and sitting on the edge of the cliffs - makes me feel weak just thinking about it.

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The O'Flahertys

Galway was quite lovely, but we were only there for one night so didn't have much time to enjoy it. For once, Jim can say his name without having to spell it. There are Flahertys everywhere. We tracked down the castle where the Flahertys lived for over 300 years. Aughnanure Castle is now looked after by the state, so we had a look through, and read all about the history of those barbaric Flahertys untill they were ousted in the 1600s. Would have been very grand in its time and was in a beautiful setting. Amazing to have all that information recorded.

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