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This is our third day in Dublin, and it has been raining most of the time. The place is full of tourists, so it's hard to get a feel for what may have been the real Dublin. and yes we are part of the problem. Today we found a good pub though, that seemed quite real and not the show and fanfare of the Temple Bar district. We went to Trinity College and had a look at the Book of Kells from 800 AD and the Long Hall, which were really quite fabulous. I was thinking that Dublin was quite souless until we went there.
Also saw the memorial to Oscar Wilde, which we thought was quite befitting to his character. The literary side of Dublin is so much more interesting than bars and souvenier shops with all things green.
This is outside St Patrick's Cathedral.

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The Irish Sea

Stena Explorer

Our crossing from Holyhead to Dun Loughaire was good. Despite force 5 conditions, the 121m (non Incat ) catamaran got us there relatively smoothly at an average of 36 knots. Thank you Justin for your contact there - we spent an hour on the bridge with Captain John Hamberley Jones and Chief Engineer Alwyn ? Both remember Justin as a youngster coming to look at the ships. It was pleasing to see 2 Incat magazines on the bridge. They were very interested to hear about the new 112m cats in Japan, and particularly about the fuel consumption, as theirs is very high due to four gas turbines. On the day we sailed, it was the first sailing under their new fuel saving slow steaming rules. About half way over, the chief was asked to shut down the two main engines, to run on the other two. This is to save them 10% on fuel over the year. the Captain was very proud of his Finnish built craft. And yes, it was raining when we arrived in Ireland.

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Driving in the UK

Jim has done most of the driving. He has a photographic geographic mind and can get us anywhere. We don't have detailed maps, so we are following our noses a lot of the time. The signage is dreadful, very hard to make sense of. Also any road that is not a motorway is only about as wide as the car, with stone walls or hedges either side. Parking is totally random. People park facing either direction on each side of the road. Despite all this, we have taken very few wrong turns. Petrol is about $2.45 per litre, so don't be complaining about the $1.55 at home......

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Missed Liverpool entry. We drove in on Sunday morning and it was very wet. Not a particularly inspiring city, but we did manage to search out the Cavern Club and see where the Beatles got their kick start, and where many other famous artists have played since. It really is a cavern, deep under the ground. Can imagine what it would be like full of people and cigarette smoke with no ventilation. I must be old to be noting such things.....

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Travelled on to Conwy, staying at Castlebank Guest House - Could definately reccommend this one too. Lots of attention to detail. It's amazing what a difference good accommodation makes to your impression of an area. (A good night's sleep also helps) The North Coast of Wales is Caravan Mecca. I have never seen so many caravans, motor homes, on site vans, then all of the above for sale in there thousands. It's a great coastline, with real beaches. Had a look at magnificent Conwy Castle, just over the road. There are so many castles and we haven't looked at many, so this was a very good choice of one to look at.
The castle has a wall, completely intact surrounding the whole village.

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