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Last Day

Monday was a very full day - we went to the Viking Museum - probably Jim's highlight, the Fram Museum, The Maritime Museum and the Vedeland Park, my highlight. The Viking Museum contained a viking ship 1000 years old. It was a very well presented Museum, unlike the Maritime Museum, which was a 1970 brown brick box - horrible building, poorly layed out, but lots of good model ships.
The Vedeland park was fantastic - an enormous park full of his sculptures depicting the human form from birth through to old age - hundreds of stone scultures - very beautiful.
Once again, there were rumours of celebrations for mid summer, but none to be seen, just more bif football screens.

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Murrays birthday message from Kirkenes

We recorded this in Kirkenes just befor we left. Hope it works.
Had a busy day in Oslo today, many things to see, off to Edinburgh tomorrow.
Hopefully get some internet time there.

Check back we have loaded new images back as far as Denmark.

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Oslo again

The day was basically spent getting back to Oslo again - bus, plane, train and checked into another good hotel. The flight took us over Finland and Sweden, but fairly cloudy so not much to see.

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Hurtigruten and Kirkines


We arrived in Kirkines on Saturday morning, said goodbye to the Australians we met, and gladly moved away from all those annoying tourist types. Very glad to be back on our own again. Kirkines was a fairly large town, but nothing going on. The cinema is closed on Fridays and Saturdays and there was one place open for dinner other than the hotel. This is the 21st June - the longest day - and basically the town was shut. We stayed in and had a bath. The longest day is celebrated on 24th June for some reason. We were glad to stay thouhg - lots of people caught the first plane back to Oslo, which seemed a bit of a rush to us.

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Thursday, Friday

Turning inside the TrollFjord.

Sailed past many little ports and villages as it got colder and colder - very limited visits out on deck now. Had a few hours in Tromso, a nice wander around, prepartaions for summer festival. The town of Honningsvag, the northern most port and on the same island as North Cape, was really lovely, and their celebrations were in full swing - a brass band was playing in the street. It was 7 degrees, and the convertibles were out. There are tunnels everywhere - the tunnel to Honningsvag was 6.3km.

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