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More Wednesday

J: forgot to mention, we crossed the arctic circle at 0715 this morning. We received our certificates from Neptune to note our crossing. Then passed into Troll Fjord last night at around 1130. Spectacular with the sun still high.

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Meanwhile Back at Home

Norway is a long way from home, but our communications with our offspring are able to be maintained, mainly through text messages, which are still only 25c (we hope). Bronte has decided that independant living sucks and is never leaving home, Lucy is happy to bribe Bronte to do her jobs, Lydell still has car issues and Tador is job hunting.
The band that connects us to our children is stretched tight and we miss them.
Thank you to those of you who are sending us messages, it is good to hear news from home and also to know that you are actually reading this.

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Other Observations


One would think that when you are with people for a week, that there might be a bit of comradry, or at least courtesy shown. We can't help but notice the way that people are only interested in looking after number one. People still shove, push, queue jump, take your seat, at any opportunity. So many people do not smile and seem quite disinterested in what's going on around them. A couple today who were on our Glacier side trip, played Sudoku, then slept, while magnificent scenery went past all around them. They had made sure they were taking up prime viewing seats on the top deck though. Anyway, there are many nice people going about their business, it's just the loud and obnoctious ones you notice.

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Today we left the Midnatsol to board the Nordfolda (catamaran) for a trip up to the Svartisen Glacier. Half hour up the fjord, and a 20 minute walk had us on the shores of a lake looking up to the second biggest glacier in Scandinavia. In 1900, the glacier was down to the fjord, but by 1964 it had retreated 1.5 km, leaving the glacial lake.
Since then it has waxed and waned, but is now 200 m back from the edge of the glacial lake. The guide still tried to reassure us that global warming wasn't too big a deal here!!!
We called in a small fishing island, but Jim and I were not interested in looking at the locals go about their work as though they were monkeys on show.
We rejoined the ship 1.5 hours later in Bodo, which was bombed out in WWII. Nothing architecturally significant there, consequently.

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Arose early again to visit Trondheim. We expected cold, but it was actually quite balmy.
A walk along the canal took us to the cathedral - a spectacular example of gothic architecture once again, and the end point of the pilgrimage from Oslo (for Mark and Denise's benefit). I sadly lost my favourite purple leather hat that Jim gave me for Christmas. (But as Bronte said, I shouldn't be pining in the fjords for my hat - it's off having it's own adventures now...)
Afternoons have had us "nana napping" to see us through to the late nights of daylight. It's hard to chose a moment though, between all the views.

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