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Arrived Oslo 0930 Friday morning, stowed our luggage and had a good look around Oslo.
Jim very happy as there were hundreds of yachts racing.
Everything is happening in June in Oslo, due to the longest day celebrations. Oslo is a lot more modern than I imagined - very open. It was 14 degrees when we arrived, and people were out in their summer gear, and the air conditioning was on - summer Oslo style.
Checked into our hotel which was an enviromentally friendly establishment - quite lovely, and fabulous breakfast the next morning - breakfast is a big meal in these parts - more food on offer than I would normally eat for dinner. We're not complaining....

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Crown of Scandinavia

ferry from Copenhagen to Oslo

The weather was perfect for a ferry crossing. We sat on the stern of the ship and watched Denmark disappear behind us, with the Swedish coast alongside. We ate a scrumptious meal at the Blue Riband Restaurant, silver service, which was included in our fare. Not included was the wine, which was $20 per glass. Fortunately, it was quite divine, so all was OK. We have been forewarned about the high cost of alcohol in these parts of the world. As I write now, its 9.30 pm and the sun is still quite high in the sky. (Still 2 fingers above the horizon says Jim - nautical talk I presume)

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Our journey to Denmark was very smooth. Between Germany and Denmark, the train boards a ferry to cross the waterway. It's totally wierd. You get off the train and go up into the ferry, partake of the duty free shops etc, then 45 minutes later, get back on the train and continue the journey.
Our hotel in Copenhagen was rather ordinary, despite being upgraded to the best suite in the establishment. I'm not being fussy - it was really very shabby and quite grubby. It did have some great artwork on the walls though, so that was a nice compensation.
Today brought our first rain shower, which had to come sooner or later I guess.'
We had a very quick look around the city, due to having to catch the afternoon ferry to Oslo.
We sited "our Mary's" place, had a quick trip up the canal, went to Cristiania, then over to the ship by 4 pm.

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Train travel is a great way to see the country. It's heaps cheaper than flying, plus you get to see all sorts of things you would otherwise miss. Our Eurail passes have provided us with all our travel so far. The Ice trains travel up to about 240km p/h and are very comfortable. We got first class tickets, which are only very slightly more expensive than other tickets. The compartments are extremely comfortable and spacious, plus you get to use the first class lounges at the stations, which are also comfortable and quiet. They also provide free coffee and snacks, plus the toilets are clean and free.

This is me eating strawberries dipped in Opal Nera on our trip from Nuremburg to Prague. It's tough....

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One can't visit berlin without being caught up in the whole East West thing. We went on a hop on hop off bus tour yesterday, which gave us an overview of the sites. Then today we went back to stuff we wanted to check out on public transport. The buses, trams and trains are super efficient and easy to use. We went to Checkpoint Charlie yesterday, which was horribly commercial. A section of the wall is fenced off, so tourists can look but not touch. Thanks to a book Lyndal lent us, we knew of another area where the wall still stood, and also had a museum. This was a much more authentic experience. We also chatted with a lovely woman in the fair trade cafe and gift shop who told us lots of stuff. It's been very hot, which sapps energy very quickly.
Also today we went to the Victory Angel (featured in "Wings of Desire") and managed to climb the 285 steps to the top. Definately worth it. Heading back to our lovely hotel for our last night in Berlin, then off to Copenhagen on the train tomorrow.

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