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K: Arrived Berlin this afternoon - 28 degrees. Found our hotel which is in the centre of the Mitte district. Great Hotel, very flash and cheaper than the dodgy one in Prague. Went for a wander and found a fabulous Japanese cafe close by. I immediately feel really comfortable in Berlin - don't quite know why - reminds me a bit of Melbourne so far. It isn't touristy where we are, and it was lovely to sit and watch the Berliners going about their business. Football seems to be following us around, with lots of groups getting rather excited (Who can understand these things).
I have never seen so much beer drinking - people have large beers any time of day. It is not as strong as ours, but still very tasty. Tomorrow we might work out how to upload a photo, but time now to go back to our room. It's the first air conditioning we've experienced all week.

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K: No easy internet in Prague, so we're making this entry in Berlin.
Prague was truely magnificent. Our hotel was right in the old town - a bit dodgy but surprisingly quiet, and worth it to be right in the middle of everything. It is extremely touristy, and lots of shady characters. But the whole city is a museum. So many fabulous examles of architecture, which we love. Even managed to find a new Frank Gehry amongst all the ancient buildings.
This country has had a lot of money for a long time. We thought that we were giving Denise and Mark a run for their money with the amount of walking we've put in. But at least we have some travel days where we can put our feet up and let the trains do the work. The train into Prague and the train back out both had problems, which had us alighting and being delayed but all was OK. The cathedrals were too amazing for words. There is a monument, icon, statue, gargoil every couple of metres. It was truely a visual feast.
Thought Lucy might be interested in this organ at the Cathedral

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J: Walked to the top of the old city along the dry moat, an hours wander through the rose garden and up to the fort first built in 1100. Fortified with the moat and the more castles around 1400. Great views over the city. Löts of school groups from kindy to high school. This place must have alot of stone masons. After a siesta had a wander back into the old city for a bit and the a light shower started around 2100. Great day.
K:I haven' recovered from jet lag yet. As usual, Jim easily adapts to whatever his circumstance is, but my body still believes it's midnight when my watch says 4 pm. Thank you Janet French for saying Nuremburg was worth a look. We have very much enjoyed it. Everyone rides a bike and there are designated lanes on the footpath (no helmets) lots of smart cars too, but lots of pedestrian only areas, which makes the town centre very quiet. Off now to catch the train to Prague.
Angel on the Opera House

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K: Who'd have thought Germany would be quiet!
Of course we've only seen Frankfurt and Nuremburg and the towns in between, but there seems to be very little hussle and bussle.
The plane was smooth and the train to nuremburg was fast. Germany is green and lush, and it's summer.
Nuremburg should be noted for more than it's WWII associations. It is ancient and fascinating.
The Derag Maxmillian hotel is good, clean and well priced and the breaky selection was amazing.

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The countdown has started

But we haven't left yet...

Our itinery is as follows...
Leave on Monday 2nd June, Return on Saturday 19th July.
Hobart, Frankfurt (via Sydney and Bangkok), Nuremberg (2), Prague (3), Berlin (3), Copenhagen (1), Oslo (1), Bergen (1), Hurtegruten cruise to Arctic Circle (6), Kirkenes (1), Oslo (2), Edinburgh (4), Southport (1), Chester (1), Conwy (1), Dublin (3), Gallway (1), Corke (2), Mumbles (1), Castle Coombe (1), Portsmouth (2), Cherbourg (1), Paris (5), Hobart (via Dubai, Singapore and Melbourne)

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