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Portsmouth and Brighton

Portsmouth has lots of maritime history, so lots for Jim to see. Accommodation at Florence House for two nights was quite lovely.

Drove along to Brighton to see the famous Brighton Pier and Beach. Those poor British - this is their best example of a beach and it is all stones and quite rough. Lots of people there but no-one swimming. Very nice shopping area though.
Drove along to the Seven Sisters chalk cliffs - Quite spectacular, but a sheer drop with no fences. My knees go weak thinking about it, and yes there were idiots walking along the edge again. Good to see, but glad to leave.

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Bath and Stonehenge

It poured all day but we still managed a good look at Bath. Lots of Roman history. Jim tasted the spring water - tasted like a combination of rotton egg and a dead fish. You'd really need to be sick to take it regularly. Great architecture, pretty even when soaking wet.
Out in the middle of nowhere is the Stonehenge carpark which costs €3 to park there. No alternative as the roads are all thin with lots of traffic. Then they wanted to charge us another €6.50 each to walk through the gate and around the stones at a distance, so we opted for a look through the fence. Obviously we don't mind paying for things when there is some value, but this was ridiculous.

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Castle Coombe

The Castle Inn

Castle Coombe is in the Cotswolds and is the most quaint village you are ever likely to see (and has been voted just that) The village has changed little since the 15th century, just so picturesque. There are no power poles, or anything modern to be seen. Ironic that this is where I am updating this blog!


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Dr Who and Torchwood

We would be shot if we didn't spend time sussing out all the filming spots of Dr Who and Torchwood. We took all the required photos, and got Lucy and Bronte to find a webcam so they could see us there. We went to the Dr Who museum. Talked to the girls on the phone - not sure if they were excited about us being there, or just totally green with envy.


Also walked around Cardiff Bay and saw the Scott memorial and the Norwegian seamans church on the point. The memorial was being cleaned by the sculptor as it had been there 5 years and needed a service.


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Mima Jones - Morgan Arcade

More family history for Jim.
We found the Morgan Arcade where Jim's grandmother had a store. Jim went into the oldest store in the arcade - a secondhand bookshop, and asked if they had heard of the shop, and we were standing in it! Jim was rather impressed again. His history has been remarkably easy to locate. (No signs of any of my relatives anywhere). We also found the street where they lived, but not the actual house.

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